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Battery 52V_20Ah – Super73 S/S1/SG/SG1 Compatible – Polly DP-5C Case

The eBike Parts Super73 S/S1/SG/SG1 replacement Battery is now available

BE AWARE: you can order fully automatic through our webshop when you want us to deliver in: Europe (almost all countries). When you are based in another country send your inquiry to: and together with you we will find a solution.

  • Fit on original plate & you have to make sure it works with your controller
  • Lithium-Ion 52V
  • Battery with 84 Sanyo GA 18650 Cells (3500 mAh)
  • 21 Ah (almost 21/2 x Ah compared to the “standard original battery”)
  • 1092 Wh (More power = More Fun More Range)
  • 42% Energy compared to our 48V version
  • 14S6P
  • 50A BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Lock & 2 keys

Take notice: your outlet plug of your original charger is not compatible with our generic charging port (DC2251). Select, when you order, the correct charger in our webshop to go with it.

757.53 $

In stock

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